Your assignment is to create a power point with the overview using screencast o matic, of your project and then record the power point with your voice over on a screencast-o-matic, PLUS the log is to be submitted into project concert.

  1. Your presentation should begin with an introduction. Introduce yourself and your topic.
  2. A brief overview of the project. This includes the goal and objectives of the project and how it was implemented.
  3. Talk about the planning phase. This includes discussing the requirements assessment and selection of learning objectives.
  4. The Development Phase: Discuss how you created the materials and resources for your project. Also, describe the process of selecting methods and activities. Finally, discuss the Piloting phase.
  5. Discuss the implementation phase. Describe how your project was implemented, with the strategy used to reach your target audience and the delivery methods. Also, any obstacles encountered.
  6. The evaluation phase. Discuss your project. This includes the methods you used to evaluate the educational impact, data collected and the final results.
  7. Talk about the results: You can discuss the outcome of the project. This includes the accomplishments and lessons.
  8. You should conclude your project. Summarize all key findings. Discuss the implications of the practice. Also, make any suggestions for future projects.

Your PowerPoint presentation should include images and charts that relate to the project. You should ensure that your voice-overs are clear and understandable, as well that your speech is at the right pace. Make sure your presentation engages your audience and captures their attention.

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