Write an ARNP protocol and a Business proposal for a professional portfolio.

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Protocol for the ARNP

1. Before diagnosing and treating any patient, perform a thorough physical exam.
2. Prior to any treatments, get informed consent from patient/legal guardian.
3. Each patient must be followed-up at least three times per year to maintain proper treatment and monitoring for side effects.
4. To provide high-quality care, it is important to keep accurate records, including medical histories, laboratory results, diagnosis and treatment information.
5. Inform patients and their families about the condition.

Request for Business:

It is proposed to set up an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner practice that provides primary and specialty healthcare services. We also offer convenient access through Telemedicine to the community. Our dedicated team of specialists will be focused on preventive care, bringing expertise in diagnostics, acute illness management, chronic disease management, women’s health and other specialties -all with a focus on delivering the highest quality care in a cost-effective manner for our community members.

We plan to achieve this goal by employing cutting edge technology such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), remote monitoring systems & telemedicine tools; utilizing innovative clinical protocols that emphasize early intervention & prevention techniques; partnering with local organizations enhancing access & opportunities for those most in need; collaborating with universities & research centers fostering evidence-based practices; investing resources into staff training & development programs ensuring best practices are always being followed; and building relationships within the community promoting healthy lifestyles and ensuring sustainable growth over time.

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