Write a two to three page paper that contrasts the “duty to serve” between grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels (as one group), and hospitals (as the other group).

Assignment 02: duty of service | HA4070D-Regulatory Environment in Health Care | National American University

Businesses that deliver products and services to customers are grocery shops, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. As such, they possess a certain “duty to serve” which involves providing for their customers’ needs in an effective manner and engaging in activities that benefit both themselves as well as their patrons. You can demonstrate this in many different ways such as offering high-quality products at reasonable prices and providing exceptional customer service.

Hospitals on the other hand possess a different “duty to serve” than other businesses because they are primarily focused on helping people get better while also minimizing costs associated with healthcare delivery. It means providing personalized treatment based upon medical expertise, while striving to improve patient outcomes. Hospitals must also ensure they have sufficient resources to provide healthcare for all, regardless of financial means. In addition, hospitals are required to provide care not just for current patients but for those in the future. This includes investing in research and development that could lead to new treatment options or better cures.

While grocery stores and restaurants share many similarities in terms of delivering services, hospitals have distinct duties. Because of their unique nature, hospitals have different obligations than other businesses.

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