Write a two paragraph summary of the article highlighting the application of the selected nursing theory to nursing practice and reaserach 

Katharine Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory was chosen as the nursing theory. The article chosen for this assignment is “Effectiveness of Comfort Care Training Program for Home Health Aides” by Geller, Rochon, and Martin-McDonald, published in Home Health Care Management & Practice in 2021. The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a comfort care training program based on Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory for home health aides. Pre-post testing was used to evaluate the effectiveness of the comfort care training program. The sample included 54 home health aides that had completed it. Study results showed that home care aides who had completed the comfort training program experienced a significant increase in their comfort scores, which indicates a positive impact of the program.

Kolcaba’s Comfort Theory focuses on providing comfort to patients as a means of enhancing their healing process. According to the theory, comfort can be a multifaceted, holistic concept. It includes psychospiritual and physical aspects. Geller and colleagues conducted the study. Geller et al. developed a program to improve the comfort care skills for home-health aides using the Comfort Theory. Study results show that home health aides can be trained to improve their comfort care skills, which in turn increases the quality of patient care. This study shows the effectiveness of Comfort Theory in nursing practice. It also shows the possibility of using other nursing theories to enhance the quality of nursing care.

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