Write a  proposal to your current or previous company discussing how analytics can be used in your company to improve sales through your retail outlets or customer service department. If you do not work in a retail company, then pick one where you shop.

Analytics – benefits a+ | Business & Finance homework help

To increase our sales in both retail and customer service, I’m writing you to recommend the use of data analytics within our company. Data collected through various sources like store visits, online transactions and surveys can be used to provide valuable insight into customers. We will then be able to adapt our approach accordingly.

Furthermore, such an analysis can be used to evaluate financial performance in the long-term. This could help determine what products/services need more promotion based on customer spending.

As a bonus, customers can rely on AI chatbots as an additional level of support when they have questions about something. Customers will get quick responses and won’t need to wait for long time periods before getting a reply. The staff would have more time to do other things than spend all day answering the same questions over and over again, so it is worth considering investing in good software solutions.

Overall, these are some key ways which I believe analytics could benefit organization greatly especially when dealing with retail business models since so much information available nowadays people don’t hesitate switch brands if they feel they aren’t getting what deserve elsewhere. These strategies can help maximize profit while providing exceptional service to all customers.

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