Write a problem statement and perform a literature review in preparation for your ethical issues debate presentation.

Week 5 discussion prompt 2

Problem Statement: Artificial intelligence (AI), and other algorithms are increasingly accepted in healthcare. They can be used to diagnose and treat patients. There has not been much research on how the technologies might impact ethical decisions when it comes to treating patients.

Literature review:
A recent study by Abdo et al. Abdo et al. (2020) looked at the ethics of AI-based medical decision making and discovered that these systems can assist with clinical tasks like data analysis and disease diagnosis. However, it raises important questions about human autonomy and accountability. Wong (2019), also pointed out the fact that AI tools have inherent biases due to algorithmic design and data sampling. These factors can cause inaccurate predictions, especially in dealing with issues like race disparities. Finally, Brinkman et al. Brinkman et al. (2018) suggested that stronger oversight be implemented so practitioners are able to ensure that their ethical decisions can remain sound, even when using automated systems.

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