Write a 2-3 paragraph memo to Ms. Woods that answers her questions and reflect on your professional development through the work that you did for the Task Force (as a part of this course) and how you will continue to maintain your acquired skills and knowledge base.

Dear Ms. Woods

It was a privilege to serve on the Task Force. Also, I feel grateful that Healing Hands Hospital recognized me for my skills and contribution. It was a wonderful learning experience for me. I gained a greater understanding of the healthcare industry.

My skills in project management, data analysis and presentation were developed during my time with the Task Force. I was able to put my knowledge into practice and to learn from the team’s collective expertise. My work on the Task Force prepared me well for any future challenges or opportunities. I have to improve my communication and leadership skills as well as my knowledge of regulations and policies in healthcare. For my continued development and improvement, I intend to continue attending relevant workshops, conferences and training programs and seek out mentorship opportunities.

We are grateful for this opportunity to look back on our professional growth and your continued support. My goal is to help Healing Hands Hospital grow.

Sincerely, [Your Name]

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