Work with your preceptor to assess the organization for required resources needed for the strategic plan if the change proposal were to be implemented. Review your strategic plan and determine what resources would be needed if the change proposal were to be implemented. Write a list of at least four resources you will need in order to implement your change proposal.

  1. Financial Resources: Many change proposals require investment in technology, equipment, training and staff. In order to make sure that proposed changes are implemented successfully, the organization will have to set aside a budget.
  2. Additional staff might be needed to implement a proposal for change, especially if it involves the use of new technologies or processes. You will have to find the right staff members and make sure they’re available for the implementation of the changes.
  3. Time and effort: Implementing a proposal for change takes both time and effort. To ensure the success of the project, an organization must ensure sufficient resources and time are available. The organization may need to adjust existing work schedules or hire additional employees in order to make the project successful.
  4. Communication resources: It is crucial to communicate effectively when proposing a change. It will be necessary for the organization to dedicate resources in order to inform all parties, such as patients, staff and others, about the proposed changes. The organization may need to develop communication materials, train staff, gather feedback, and engage with stakeholders in order to resolve concerns.

Implementing a change plan requires planning and allocating resources. It is important that an organization determines the resources needed to implement the change proposal effectively.

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