Why was this milestone significant for the period of time it was created?  What was going on in the world of work that allowed the environment to know the time was right for this particular milestone?

Comment has management changed?

This particular landmark is 1970’s passage of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. It was an important moment in the lives of workers as it set labor standards that would protect them against potential safety and health risks. This is a huge step forward for many who worked before this legislation. This also signified a shift from treating employees only as commodity to looking at them as valued contributors to society, who should have basic workplace guarantees.

At the time of this milestone, there were several changes occurring within the world of work such as increased automation and global competition which allowed companies to capitalize on lower wages while overlooking workers’ rights. This created an environment in which employees were unable to sue for unfair or hazardous work conditions. OSHA provided protection for these workers by making sure that employers meet minimum standards in health and safety.

In general, the milestone was crucial in giving workers greater freedom and job security during times of rapid economic changes. Since then, it has been a key piece of labor law in many countries.

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