Why is it important to incorporate a theory or model related to change when implementing practice changes?

Theories and models for change

Implementing practice improvements requires that you incorporate some theory/model related to the change to achieve maximum effectiveness. Change theories provide an important framework for understanding why people do and don’t engage in certain behaviors, as well as what strategies may be used to promote behavior modification. The knowledge gained can be used when designing new policies or protocols to improve outcomes.

We can also identify factors that might hinder our success using theories of change, including cultural values and economic conditions. This information is invaluable in determining how to modify the way we implement new practices, so that they can be most effective for the context they will live within. We also have the ability to use theories and models that relate to change in order understand individual or group reactions during periods of transition, then design interventions.

In summary, it’s important that we incorporate a model or theory related to change when making adjustments to practice. It helps us to consider all possible variables that can affect our success and also provides direction on how to overcome any obstacles.

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