whether 78 million baby boomers can generate sizable enough returns, without taking on too much risk, to create income streams that last as long as they do.

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As the future of the 78 million baby boomers ages, it is in jeopardy. They face the difficult task of earning sufficient returns while avoiding taking too many risks. This is because without a reliable source of income, it can be difficult to maintain one’s desired lifestyle & manage health care costs over time.

For this reason, many retirees are now turning towards investments such as 401(k) plans/IRA’s etc., in order to secure their financial futures. However, due to historically low interest rates & volatile markets – these solutions may not always provide enough capital gains or dividends that enable individuals to sustain themselves over extended periods.

Consequently, it is important for retirees to assess all options available cautiously before making any commitments – since each investor has different needs/preferences that must be taken into consideration when selecting suitable investments going forward. Additionally, having an understanding of various asset classes & market conditions is also beneficial here – as this knowledge can help make better informed decisions which could ultimately increase your chances of achieving greater savings upon retirement.

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