What were two of the three main issues described in the case that were problematic?

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Find the Issue: These were the three most problematic issues that the case described.
Investigate-Gather Information to Define the Problem: Cultural challenges posed by Disney’s expansion into France included a lack of understanding on both sides of French culture, language, communication styles and preferences; an incorrect perception of what would be attractive to French consumers; little research done prior to launching Euro Disneyland Paris regarding local customs or regulations; wrong pricing level; inappropriate restaurants within the park offering unappetizing food for locals with expensive menus.
Disney underestimated start-up costs and did not have a contingency plan in case of failure; long build times because it was difficult to obtain construction materials from multiple sources; inconsistent labor laws/regulations in other countries; poor transportation from central locations to EuroDisney Paris, making it hard for customers to reach the desired destinations;
Financial challenges included severe losses during launch year due primarily to high preopening costs coupled with low attendance following opening day which continued several years afterwards attributed mainly to press criticism who negatively portrayed EuroDisney as ‘not all its cracked up’ demonstrate just some major gaps management had overlooked when entering international market..
Brainstorm-Produce Alternatives: One way Disney could have resolved these issues is by conducting thorough research prior to entering any new global market thoroughly examining local cultural practices & trends values etc getting know various demographic target audiences suggest strategies better align products services catering those needs order gain initial trust respect building strong brand identity across board …. A trusted consultant can be hired to help improve the project’s operations. They will suggest ways of improving communication with all levels within an organization, as well as ideas and cost reduction methods.
Put-Put the best solution into effect: Of all my suggestions, I feel that reliable consultants offer valuable insights feedback. They can guide you through unfamiliar waters.  Dysney’s experiences have taught me lessons about the importance of creating deal cultures that expand. Also, how to create awareness and manage risk. Analyze location. Develop long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders.

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