What value would James estimate for this firm?  What value would Bret assign to the Medtrans stock?

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James likely would use traditional discounted cash flow to calculate the firm’s worth. It considers future cash flows in addition to the present value. To calculate Medtrans’ intrinsic value, he would make assumptions regarding revenue growth, costs and other relevant factors. James could also account for any discounts and premiums that might be applicable due to market conditions or perceived risks related to investing in Medtrans (e.g. liquidity risk).

Bret’s valuation of the Medtrans stock will be largely determined by his perception of the company’s prospects and its potential performance over time. He could use quantitative indicators such as the price-earnings ratio, but also qualitative metrics such as industry trends or management record. Bret could also employ technical analysis tools, such as moving averages or trend lines to analyze the stock’s current sentiment and assess whether or not it is over- or undervalued historically. Ultimately, Bret’s opinion on what constitutes an appropriate fair market price for Medtrans shares will be guided by these various inputs and his own subjective opinion about their relative merits.

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