What types of resources are available to communities in terms of learning about nutrition and healthy eating?

Module 11 live classroom – community/global nutrition module 11 live

The community has many resources to learn about healthy eating and nutrition. You can find information about the most recent nutrition research and diet recommendations in books, magazines as well videos, podcasts and podcasts. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer guidance for families and individuals to help them make better choices about their diet. Many schools also offer classes in nutrition education that teach students how to make healthy food choices. Experts may be available to discuss strategies and tips for buying smarter or cooking fresh meals at local farmers markets or supermarkets.

Lastly there are many community-based initiatives that aim to increase access to healthy and affordable foods, such as SNAP Ed programs. This program offers free classes in cooking or distributes produce. It focuses on locally sourced fruit and vegetables at a reduced price.

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