What specific aspects of these professions environment(s) they work within do you find interesting and why?

Rasmussen College System| nursing | Rasmussen College System

The complexity of the healthcare industry, including nursing, and medical care in general, is what I find most fascinating. These fields require that one is always up-to date with the most recent technology, medications, and treatment methods in order to provide efficient and effective healthcare. Additionally, I am captivated by the range of settings that nurses and other healthcare providers work within – from hospitals to private practice offices or even home visits – each environment presents unique challenges that must be overcome in order to provide quality care.

It is amazing to see how passionate people in these fields are about caring for others. Their willingness to do the extra-ordinary for their patients and friends is inspiring. The diversity of healthcare team members is what I appreciate the most. Everyone has their own skills, which allows them to work together towards a common goal: providing high-quality patient care. All things considered, there’s nothing more rewarding than being part of a dynamic health profession environment where collaboration between professionals leads ultimately leads to improved outcomes for those who need it most.

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