What should the “culture and environment of safety” look like when preparing and administering medications?

Safety Risks | Pharmacology | Rasmussen College System

In any healthcare environment, it should be a top priority to create a culture and an environment that promotes safety in medication administration and preparation. Patient safety should be promoted by teaching proper procedure, accountability, and accuracy. To ensure that patient safety does not suffer, healthcare professionals must be well-informed about medication therapy. Every member of staff should adhere to the highest ethical standards in order to prepare and administer medications.

Because doses of medication are often measured in milliliters, or milligrams, it is important that healthcare professionals understand accurate measurement techniques. It’s also important for them to understand the indications for medications so they can properly provide appropriate treatments to patients that are consistent with their care plan goals. Additionally, they need to know how medications are stored safely and the best ways to give them out.

To ensure accurate care and patient safety, it is important that all healthcare workers double-check each order before they are given. To ensure compliance with federal regulations like HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act), quality assurance procedures should be regularly implemented.

In addition, there needs to be open communication between clinicians regarding medication related topics so everyone involved in the process is aware of what’s happening at all times during preparation/administration phases; this will help reduce risk factors associated with drug errors due improper labeling/storage or incorrect dosage amounts being given out by mistake. Lastly, it’s important for pharmacies/hospitals/clinics maintain adequate supplies of drugs on hand so staff members do not substitute inappropriate medications that may cause harm instead of helping patients heal from illness/disease conditions more quickly.

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