What roles can nursing assume to address the increasing demand for safe, high-quality, and effective health care services?

Talk: Health care reform and nurses are leaders

In many ways, nursing can be a key part of meeting the growing demand for high-quality and safe health care services.

  1. Care coordination: Nursing can be a care coordinator, providing comprehensive care and managing the patient’s care plan. To ensure continuity in care and reduce readmissions to the hospital, nurses can collaborate with other health professionals. This will improve patient outcomes.
  2. Education and advocacy for patients: Nursing staff can give information to their patients about their medical conditions and treatment options. They can also advocate for their patients’ needs, rights, and preferences in healthcare settings.
  3. Participation in Quality Improvement: Nursing staff can take part in initiatives to improve patient safety, including identifying and correcting clinical errors and evidence-based practice.
  4. Leadership: Nursing nurses can take on leadership positions in the healthcare industry, including those of nurse administrators and managers. You can make healthcare policies, advocate for nurses, or lead efforts to improve the patient experience.
  5. Research: Nursing nurses can be involved in healthcare research. Nurses can take part in research, participate in clinical trials and analyse data to create evidence-based practices.

The nursing profession can contribute to the rising demand for quality, safe and affordable health care. It is able to provide patient-centered care and advocacy for patients.

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