What policy issues might drive nurses to lobby Congress and/or get involved in campaign politics? What strategies might nurses use to have their voices heard?

Week 7 dq healthcare | Nursing homework help

Nursing professionals may be able to lobby Congress for various reasons and/or get involved in political campaigning. These could include advocating for better regulation or increased funding of healthcare. In order to make sure that nurses are properly paid and appreciated, they may work with the government to improve nurse wages or staffing. The strategies used by nurses vary depending upon the goal, but common methods include writing letters or calling representatives, asking them questions, protest organizing, fundraising, and reaching out to politicians.

Not only are traditional advocacy methods being used, but nurses have also been using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase their voice in addressing industry issues. Ultimately no matter what strategies are employed, it is clear that nurses have the ability to make meaningful change when they work together towards a common goal which makes being politically active essential if we want our profession’s concerns heard by those with decision-making power.

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