What percentage of your city’s revenue comes from the general property tax? How much is this tax growing in each year of the financial plan? Justify the answer with examples.

Assignment 3: Preparing an Audit Analysis| PAD 505 – Public Budgeting and Finance | Strayer University

My city’s general property tax generates around 25% of its revenue. The average annual growth rate for the last five years has been 4%. This percentage keeps growing year after year. The increase in property values and increased commercial development can both be blamed for this. Recent changes in local regulations have permitted for some property owners to pay higher taxes.

The city plans to increase the general property tax rate to 2% as part of its financial strategy. This is due to rising costs associated with population growth. This increase in property tax revenue will allow the city to fund various programs, including community programs and infrastructure improvement.

It is evident that general property taxes are an integral part of generating revenue in my community. Their contribution keeps growing every year. It is important that the funds be managed well so they continue to provide benefits for citizens.

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