What part of Christina Sommers’ analysis and proposal you find convincing, if any, and what part of it, if any, do you find questionable?

Berkeley College of New York| Introduction to ethics | Berkeley College of New York

I find Christina Sommers’ analysis and proposal to be largely convincing. Her argument for free speech online and in classrooms is compelling. She also highlights the dangers of radical ideologies if they’re not challenged. Her proposed solutions – such as providing more training on media literacy, creating an independent body to review digital content, and increasing transparency around data collection – are practical steps that can be taken towards ensuring an open dialogue about controversial topics without infringing on the rights of individuals.

I do find some of her proposals questionable however; specifically, her suggestion that social media platforms should only allow “responsible adults” access seems overly restrictive and does not take into account the importance of having multiple voices represented in public discourse. Her call to universities not to teach classical liberal arts does away with the importance of students learning about different cultures and ideas.

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