What must a person be saying and/or doing for me to say that he/she has achieved the goal?

Week 4 course project: part 4 – goal analysis | Speech 277 | Chamberlain College of Nursing

If I want to state that someone has accomplished their goal, it is important that they are displaying behavior consistent with the goals. You should affirm your success verbally or make declarations of achievement, and take part in activities related to the goal like completing tasks. The individual must also feel satisfied and fulfilled after they achieve their goal. This will make it clear that they are truly accomplishing what they had set out to.

Also, it is important to think about any obstacles and challenges that might make it more difficult to accomplish the goal. It is possible to identify these problems early and implement helpful strategies so that the individual can meet his or her goals. Even though unexpected hurdles may arise on the way to their goal, they will be able to stay focused and motivated once they have acquired problem-solving skills.

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