What might be the cause(s) of the business’s financial success or failure? Is more information needed to determine the business’s financial health?

Southern New Hampshire University| FIN-320 | Southern New Hampshire University

The cause(s) of the business’s financial success or failure could be attributed to a variety of factors. It could be that the business is performing well because of its customer relations, operational efficiency and innovative products. However, financial problems could also be caused by poor management such as excessive spending or insufficient staffing. This can result in significant loss over the long-term.

Additional information may also be required before determining the exact state of the business’s finances since external factors like current economic trends or industry challenges must also taken into consideration. Also, it is worth looking at their balance sheets and cash flow statements to gain a greater understanding of the overall situation. This will allow for further analysis. Ultimately, understanding both internal and external influences on an organization’s performance can help shed light on what strategies should be employed for optimal results in the future.

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