What level of measurement is required for using your selected statistical test? Provide an example of how your selected statistical test could be used in a nursing research study.

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The type of data being collected will determine the level of measurement that is required to use my chosen statistical test. A parametric test like a t-test will require data that is interval- or ratio-based, while nonparametric tests like the Mann-Whitney U Test can be performed with either ordinal data or nominal data.

If I wanted to compare two groups on an outcome measure, such as pain levels, I would use a T-test. This type of outcome measure can usually be measured with intervals or ratio scales, which are numeric values. The Mann-Whitney U Test, on the other hand can be used to measure the differences between two groups in terms of their attitudes (e.g. satisfaction levels). This variable is usually measured using ordinal (i.e. rank ordering) scales.

Overall, understanding which statistical test requires what level of measurement is essential when designing and conducting quantitative research in nursing studies – as it ensures that correct inferences are drawn from these analyses afterwards by comparing results against appropriate standards and expectations accordingly.

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