What kind of image does the phrase “a powerful nurse” conjure in your mind? How have the roles and the status of women in American culture shaped the exercise of power among nurses?

Week five discussion assignment rn

When I hear the phrase “a powerful nurse” I think of someone who is strong, confident, and resilient yet still compassionate when caring for others. These qualities have been cultivated over time as nursing has gone from being viewed solely as a domestic duty to an honorable profession worthy of respect—and this shift can be largely attributed to the changing roles/status of women in American culture.

For instance, before World War II, most nurses had to remain at home to care for their families. However this changed when military service was an option that opened up many new opportunities. As a result, there were more options in many fields and people who wanted to pursue healthcare careers became better contributors.

Today, we see that female nurses actively lead their organizations’ efforts by advocating for patients and utilizing technology to improve the patient experience. As such it is clear that these advancements have enabled them to gain more autonomy while also providing them with newfound sources power which they can use to further advance their cause—allowing both men and women in the field benefit from increased access better resources/support systems along way.

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