What is the impact of what you learned? How might you approach engaging in policy advocacy moving forward? 

NURS 8100 – Healthcare Policy and Advocacy | NURS 8100 – Healthcare Policy and Advocacy | Walden University

This research gave me a greater understanding of the best ways to engage in advocacy. Particularly, I know how crucial it is to utilize evidence-based changes proposals and get support from stakeholders in order build momentum for my cause. Public relations can also be used to communicate with outside audiences that may not have been familiar with the topic and create support.

In the future, these strategies are what I will use to push for policy change related to my topic. These include researching the current policies to identify areas that need improvement; finding and creating data supporting my changes; networking with experts or resources who could help; and developing a plan for communication which can be used throughout the entire process. This is how I feel I can make significant progress toward achieving the goals of this campaign.

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