What  is the difference between a research methodology and a theoretical  perspective?

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There is a difference between research methodologies and theoretical perspectives. First, the methodology describes how an investigator approaches the problem. Second, the context in which the findings are interpreted provides the basis for the second. The purpose of research methods is to collect evidence and data on a topic such as interviews, surveys, or experiments. However, theoretical perspectives are built upon existing knowledge in a field.

One might, for example, take an ideological position when studying political science. This can help them interpret events and provide insight into the distribution of power in society. However, theories such as supply-and-demand can be applied to analyze economic trends in order for us to understand more about how the markets work over time.

Understanding both theoretical and research perspectives is essential for researchers to gain an understanding of any situation. This will allow them to make better decisions as they move forward. This knowledge allows individuals to formulate hypotheses that can be further tested using various methods as necessary, ultimately leading to greater understanding.

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