What is the best explanation of the difference between evidence-based practice and best practices?

Chapter 5: Evidence-based Practice, Dq3 ethical Case Study

This is the difference between best and evidence-based practices. Evidence-based practices focuses on using proven methods to deliver quality care. Best practices, however, are general guidelines which suggest how to do something more efficiently or effectively. The primary distinction lies in the source of the information used—evidence-based practice draws from peer-reviewed studies, systematic reviews, and other forms of data analysis conducted by experts in a given field while best practices may involve relying on past experiences or anecdotal accounts for making decisions about how certain tasks should be completed.

Evidence-based practices are more difficult to use because they require critical analysis and review of the relevant literature before any modifications can be made. Best practices, however, rely only on those who have been in similar circumstances. Each approach has its own advantages, which means they can work together to deliver quality patient care regardless of the type of case.

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