What is flexible manufacturing? And how it can help Zara improve quality? Describe some of the methods that Zara might use to control inventory What strategies that Zara might implement in Its CHM to avoid the Bullwhip effect?

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Flexible manufacturing refers to a production method that uses robotics and computerized machinery in order to quickly change between different product types. This allows the creation of quality products in a shorter amount time, which results in increased productivity and efficiency. Flexible manufacturing can help Zara improve quality by enabling them to quickly and accurately create products specific to their customer’s needs, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

Zara might manage her inventory by using JIT (just-in-time) methods. This ensures that raw materials only are shipped when they’re needed and reduces long-term storage costs. A forecasting tool could help them determine future demand trends and adapt their production capabilities accordingly. They could also schedule supplier deliveries at predetermined times or order batching to avoid overstocking during low demand periods or stock shortages during peak sales periods. The surplus stock would be reduced, while still supplying enough to customers as needed.

To avoid the bullwhip effect, Zara may consider implementing strategies such as collaborative planning between its retailers and vendors which ensures that everyone is aware of current consumer demands thus avoiding unnecessary ordering from distributors/retailers due to misguided forecasts or inaccurate assumptions on consumer behavior; they might also consider employing data sharing platforms like EDI (electronic data interchange), which encourages accurate information exchange between parties involved in the distribution process; finally, setting strict return policies will discourage distributors/customers from creating artificial spikes in order volumes through speculative buying behaviors which often lead to overstocking issues further down the supply chain.

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