What health issue would you address and how would you approach this task?

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If I had the chance to tackle a problem in my health, it would be access to mental healthcare services. Untreated, mental health can lead to serious consequences. Unfortunately many are unable to get the care that they need because of barriers like cost and availability.

My multi-pronged approach to this problem would include both community outreach and policy reform. As a policy advocate, I would lobby legislators for increased coverage for mental healthcare services. To ensure there are no unintended effects from any changes, I also would engage healthcare providers and insurances.

In the community, I’d launch awareness campaigns to reduce stigmatization of mental illness and educate people on ways they can seek help. It could involve working with local schools to present information seminars or sessions on topics related to mental illness.

It is my ultimate goal to ensure that everyone can access quality mental healthcare regardless of their location or financial circumstances.

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