What five transcultural principles will assist in guiding community health nursing practice in these settings?

Transcultural nursing 3.2 | Nursing homework help

Transcultural nursing allows nurses to be culturally competent and take into consideration the needs of each patient. Five core principles are available to help guide community nursing practice.

1. Respect for Cultural Diversity- Nursing staff should be sensitive to the differences in culture and provide compassionate care.

2. Awareness of culture- Health practitioners should be aware of both their own cultures as well as those of their patients in order to better meet each individual’s needs.

3. Cultural knowledge- Nursing professionals need to know about other cultures in order to better understand their impact on health and how it affects healthcare decisions.

4. Cultural sensibility – Caregivers must have a deep understanding of and an appreciation of different values, beliefs, and practices to communicate well with all people.

5. Cultural competence – It is the ability to apply what you have learned from education, experience or observation in order to provide services that allow people of diverse backgrounds access high quality healthcare without prejudice or discrimination.

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