What diagnostic testing may be used to further evaluate the symptoms and what might this test tell the healthcare provider? 

Response 2 on December 11, 2021 at 4:00pm

When further evaluating the symptoms, diagnostic tests such as imaging studies or bloodwork may be used to provide more insight into the patient’s condition. For example, MRI or CT scans can help detect any potential structural abnormalities that might explain the symptoms while looking at levels of certain biomarkers in a person’s blood can provide information related to their organ function and other vital signs. If the provider suspects that there is an underlying infection, they might order an antibody test to confirm their suspicion.

Ultimately, these diagnostic tests can tell the provider what is causing the patient’s distress thus allowing them to develop an appropriate treatment plan accordingly. If it turns out that the patient has structural issues, then they may need to undergo physical therapy or surgery. A prescription for medication could be made if there is an infection. These tools, along with careful monitoring of symptoms can be helpful in helping healthcare professionals diagnose and treat patients quickly.

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