What contacts and/or arrangements have you already made with the selected field experience site?

  1. How many contacts have you made and/or agreements with selected field experiences sites?

I made contact with Westchester General Hospital to be accepted as a student nursing nurse. I have arranged to work under the supervision of Patricia Garcet, who is the Case Manager’s Director. To be allowed to take part in field experience, I’ve completed all required paperwork. I have been given access to the hospital’s policies and procedures, and have received information about the hospital’s mission and values.

  1. Please describe the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of your preceptor, and their relationship to field experience.

As the Case Manager’s Director, Patricia Garcet is responsible for overseeing the hospital’s case management program. She is responsible for coordinating patient care, making sure patients have the right level of care and resources and working closely with healthcare professionals to create and implement care plans. Patricia is my preceptor and will oversee my nursing experience. Her support and guidance will be invaluable as I interact with patients and healthcare professionals.

  1. How does the proposed location relate to field experiences?

The Westchester General Hospital offers a variety of services including emergency and acute care. It serves patients of all backgrounds and ages. My student nursing position will allow me to interact with a variety of patient groups and departments, such as pediatrics, critical care and medical-surgical. Additionally, the hospital offers continuing education, simulation labs, and access for medical technologies.

  1. Please describe how this site allows you to apply knowledge (methodology, theory, research), practice skills, and develop professional competence.

The Westchester General Hospital offers a learning environment which encourages professional development. You can participate in multidisciplinary teams, clinical experience, or case study, as well as many other learning opportunities. The hospital’s simulation labs allow for the application of knowledge and skills in a controlled environment, allowing for safe and effective practice. In addition to providing access to research materials, the hospital encourages evidence-based medicine. Facilities-wise, the hospital has adequate work space and access to computers and telephones, as well as other necessary equipment for any site-related tasks.

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