What are your variant characteristics of culture?

  1. Sharing: Members of a society or group share culture, which helps them to feel connected and secure.
  2. Learning: Culture can be learned by socialization and education. It’s passed from generation to generation.
  3. Symbolic is the expression of culture through symbols like language, art and music. These symbols carry messages and communicate meaning.
  4. Dynamic: As new technologies and ideas emerge, culture is constantly changing and becoming more dynamic.
  5. Adaptive: Cultural adaptation helps societies and individuals adapt to new circumstances such as changes in the environment, economic shifts, or social upheavals.
  6. Integrated: The culture system is a complex and interdependent whole. This includes language, belief, values, behaviours and artifacts.
  7. Patterned: Cultural patterns are shared expectations and norms that guide social interaction and behavior.

This understanding of cultural characteristics will help societies and individuals to appreciate and respect culture and foster cross-cultural understanding.

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