What are your plans for learning more about Excel and how will the information you learned about this software be of benefit in your future analysis of research data?

Online classes are my plans to learn more about Excel. I want to get a deeper understanding of Excel’s basics and dive into the specific functions that can be used for data analysis. Also, I will be looking for tutorials and other resources that provide useful hints or tricks to help me use the software properly.

Additionally, I intend to use Excel in research projects to improve my Excel skills and to become more confident running complex analyses like creating pivot tables or regression models.

Overall, by becoming more knowledgeable about Excel – I believe that this information could prove invaluable when it comes to analyzing research data quickly and efficiently while also minimizing potential errors due to user incompetence accordingly. I can save my time by becoming proficient in this platform, which allows me to complete other tasks that are necessary for the successful completion of my duties.

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