What are your expectations of the Nurse Residency Program and how will it help you achieve your goals?

Letter of intention for nurse reidency memorial hospital program

The Nurse Residency Program will give me the knowledge, skills and experience I need to practice as a nurse practitioner. It is my goal to learn more about evidence-based practices and improve my clinical skills by undergoing hands-on training. Aside from that, I hope to have a greater understanding of the structure and functioning of healthcare systems. This will allow me to better understand their working methods in order to offer quality care to patients.

In addition, the program should provide me with peer mentors who will be able to offer advice and resources that may not otherwise be possible. I hope these experiences help me achieve both my professional and personal goals. They will also allow me to contribute positively to nursing. This program has given me the opportunity to learn the necessary tools for my future success.

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