What are the preconditions for conducting constructive dialogue in an organization?

Chapter 32: Constructive dialogue and erm: Lessons from the Financial

For constructive dialog to take place in an organisation, there are several conditions that must be fulfilled.

  1. Trust: Participants in dialogue should have high levels of trust. It includes the trust of the facilitator as well as the participants.
  2. Transparency: Participants must be open-minded to other ideas and willingly consider alternative perspectives. Participants should openly listen to and consider other perspectives and not be afraid to share their ideas and thoughts with others without judgement or criticism.
  3. Respect: Each participant must treat each other with respect and listen to their views. Participants should have the ability to agree without becoming disagreeable, and they must avoid insults or personal attacks.
  4. Listening actively: Participants should listen attentively to the opinions of others, and try to comprehend their points of view. To ensure that you understand, avoid interrupting others or speaking over them. Ask clarifying questions.
  5. Feedback that’s constructive: The participants should give specific feedback, in a timely manner, and with a focus on improving the outcome and dialogue. It is important to give feedback in a non-threatening and respectful manner.
  6. Participants must have a common goal or purpose. This will keep everyone focused on the goal and help to maintain focus.

If these conditions are met, organizations can foster a culture of constructive dialogue that allows for exchanges of ideas, common ground and helps to solve complex problems.

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