What are the educational requirements to practice as a FNP?

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Certain educational requirements are required to become a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). Although these requirements can vary from one state to another, they are generally the same:

  1. An accredited university will award a Bachelor of Science (BSN), in Nursing.
  2. Current and unrestricted Registered Nursing (RN) License.
  3. Accredited institution with a Master of Science (MSN in Nursing) degree.
  4. Complete the required clinical hours.
  5. FNP Certification through a national recognized certifying organization such as American Nurses Credentialing Center, (ANCC), or American Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

It’s important to note that some programs may offer a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree, which can also lead to certification as an FNP. Some states might have other requirements than those mentioned above.

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