What are some immediate concerns the nurse should be aware of? How can the nurse best help this family? The mother is concerned her toddler is regressing since their situation changed. What patient-centered care can the nurse suggest to help this child?

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A nurse should address immediate concerns in these situations.

  1. There may be nutritional concerns. Families with financial troubles or housing instability might not have the ability to access adequate nutrition, nor can they afford nutritious food. It is important to assess the children’s diet and provide appropriate recommendations or referrals to resources such as the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program.
  2. Developmental concerns: The mother’s concerns about her toddler’s regression should be taken seriously and assessed by the nurse. The nurse should assess the severity of the regression as well as any developmental concerns.
  3. Housing concerns: The family’s housing insecurity may be a significant stressor for both the parents and children. You can ask the nurse for information on local housing resources and to connect you with community services.

The nurse must approach this situation with compassion and empathy in order to best assist the family. The nurse can assess the family’s immediate needs and connect them with appropriate resources such as food pantries, housing assistance programs, and community services. The nurse can also provide education about preventive health care measures such as immunizations, regular check-ups, and appropriate nutrition for each child’s age group.

To address the mother’s concerns about her toddler’s regression, the nurse can provide patient-centered care by suggesting activities that promote development, such as reading books, playing with age-appropriate toys, and engaging in interactive play. Mothers can be referred to services or programs in the community that encourage child development.

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