What are factors that are driving the need for innovative and transformational leaders in health care for the 21st century?

The ethical and legal aspects of nursing practice. dq 1 Week 1.

The healthcare industry is getting more complicated, which means there’s more need for transformational and innovative leaders. To meet patients’ and providers’ needs in an ever-changing healthcare landscape, innovative strategies will be required. The factors driving this need include rapid advancements in technology, increasing consumer demand for access to care, rising healthcare costs and more complicated regulatory requirements. Also shifting demographics of those who receive services. These leaders are innovative and transformative. They can create an environment which encourages creativity, while anticipating the future. You must be able to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders and have an in-depth technical understanding of the healthcare industry. Visionary leaders that understand the interconnectedness of all components of healthcare are essential to success in an ever-changing field.

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