What are elements of role transition from RN to APN, and what are you currently experiencing in this process?

Advance nursing Week 2 discussion roles

It takes a lot of learning to transition from Registered Nurse (RN), to Advanced Practice Nurse (APN), and it is a time of intense skill building. This can include expanding one’s knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathophysiology and other clinical sciences; developing advanced assessment skills; deepening one’s understanding of healthcare policy and regulations; mastering new therapeutic modalities; gaining experience in patient management, clinical decision making and leadership roles; and obtaining specialized certifications or licensures as needed.

I’m currently undergoing the process through additional courses that will increase my knowledge in such areas as research methods, population health promotion, public health and quality improvement. My goal is to enhance my communication skills by practicing with other peers in real-life clinical situations. In order to improve my APN skills, I’ve begun looking into professional networks.

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