What are characteristics of a human becoming nurse? What are strengths and weaknesses to this theory of nursing?

Rosemarie Rizo Parse created the Human Becoming Theory of Nursing. This theory emphasizes individual experiences with illness and health. According to the theory, nursing should be focused on helping people co-create their health rather than treating illness and disease. Below are characteristics that make a human becoming a nurse:

  1. The concept of co-creating meaning: Nurses who are human become nurses understand that each person creates their own meaning, in terms of health and disease. These nurses work closely with patients to help them understand their individual perspectives and experience.
  2. Being open: People who become nurses can be flexible and adapt to the changes in the health care system and individuals.
  3. Transcendence: The human becoming nurse movement aims to empower individuals and help them overcome their limits so that they can reach their maximum potential.
  4. Acceptance: The Human Becomes a Nurse accepts people as they are. They support individual choice and value.
  5. Mutual Participation: Human becoming nurses work with individuals to create a collaborative care plan that takes into account the individual’s needs and preferences.

Human Becoming Theory of Nursing’s strengths include the emphasis on individualized care and its recognition of the importance of meaning making in relation to both health and disease. This theory emphasizes the importance and flexibility of nurses in responding to patients’ changing needs and to the health care system.

The theory’s weaknesses include the lack of attention to biomedical interventions that may be required in some situations. It has been attacked for not being clear and its difficulty to be applied in practice. This theory could prove challenging to nurses in healthcare organizations that place a high emphasis on holistic care over biomedical interventions.

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