What are at least two major impacts that email has had on interpersonal communication?  What are some advantages and disadvantages associated with communicating by email? 

Week 3 discussion: email etiquette

Email has two main impacts on interpersonal communication. First, it allows people to quickly connect with other people and secondly it shifts the focus away from face–to-face interactions. Because messages can be sent electronically, people don’t have to wait as long for responses as with traditional telephone or mail methods. Furthermore, communication is no longer limited to geographical proximity. This allows for more flexibility when connecting to distant friends. This is a great way to stay in touch with loved ones and close friends. However, this can lead to over dependence on digital communication.

There are two main advantages to email communication: its simplicity (messages can easily be sent any time), and affordability (there is generally no extra cost). Additionally, email provides a history of previous conversations that can be accessed or searched for if required. Some disadvantages are possible misinterpretations of language due to its lack context and tone, difficulty communicating emotions due to a lack facial expressions/body-language, as well as the risks that confidential information may be lost or compromised when emails are sent electronically.

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