What additional data would you want, in order to complete your analysis of customer profitability before any marketing?

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In order complete my analysis of customer profitability before any marketing I would need additional data such as the customer’s purchase history, lifetime value of each customer and average purchase size. This information will help me gain a better understanding of how much revenue they are generating for us since it will allow me calculate their overall contribution towards organization’s bottom line. Other metrics, such as repeat sales or conversion rates, should be considered to get an even more detailed picture.

Also, historical performance data may be helpful in helping us identify key trends we need to keep an eye on when developing our strategies for the future. Understanding consumer behaviour can help us to make more efficient use of our resources by knowing which services/products are performing best and worst at certain times in the year.

All in all, this information is crucial for accurately measuring the return on investment before we launch any marketing campaign. It also helps to avoid unnecessary expenditures due to poor targeting or other issues.

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