Using the “Health History and Examination” assignment resource, provide the physical examination findings summary with planned interventions for the client.

Answer this question and follow the instructions below.

An older person was examined and a health history taken. This individual, a 84-year old woman who is independent and lives in her home alone, is retired from working. The individual is otherwise healthy, with the exceptions of diabetes and arthritis. The past medical history of her includes hypertension and myocardial ischemia (MI), heart surgery, coronary bypass, lower back pain caused by degenerative disc disease, hip osteoarthritis bilaterally, knee replacements on her left, and hypertension. Current medications she takes include Celebrex and Metformin to control diabetes. The patient’s vital signs at the time of assessment were within normal limits: blood pressure 135/81 mm Hg; pulse rate 68 beats per minute; temperature 97 degrees Fahrenheit; respiration rate 16 breaths per minute; oxygen saturation 96%.

During this physical examination there were no deviations from expected ranges or findings that would cause concern in any area except during cardiovascular assessment where patient states she experiences chest discomfort when trying to increase physical activity levels beyond usual daily routines which could be potentially linked towards cardiac issues that may require further testing if condition persists despite changes being made surrounding lifestyle modifications seen thus far.

With regard to interventions nurses will strive towards helping meet goals set by patient while keeping age related physiological/developmental stages present so outcomes become more meaningful versus just sustaining through scenarios seen throughout everyday norms associated which includes incorporating new activities into existing routine like swimming twice weekly along with walking up two flights stairs multiple times day instead utilizing elevator eventually leading into betterment out health seen overall moving forward over time.

Local senior centers offer services that can help individuals who are looking for additional resources to serve their population. This allows them to benefit greatly from the long-term success of whole communities. Full integration programs allow people to fully integrate and maximize rightful expectations given current situation.

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