Using the basic dependent-care system model, assess Dan and Jane. Identify the basic conditioning factors (BCFs) for each. What is the effect of Dan’s BCFs on his self-care agency?

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Dan and Jane can both be assessed using the basic dependent-care model.


  • BCF – Family influences, such as a strong support network from family members
  • BCF – Cognitive abilities, such as his ability to understand and process information
  • BCF – Motivation levels, such as his desire to take care of himself and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


  • BCF – Social environment, such as her access to resources or social networks
  • BCF – Physical environment, such as any barriers to self-care due to physical disabilities
  • BCFs – Psychological factors, such as her mental health status or emotional wellbeing.

The effect of Dan’s BCFs on his self-care agency is that they have enabled him to develop the necessary skills and attitudes required for successful self-care. He has been supported by his family and cognitive skills have enabled him to understand concepts related to health care. His high level of motivation has inspired him to take positive steps in his quest for a healthier lifestyle.

On the other hand , Jane’s BCFs may hinder her ability engage in self care . In order to maintain a consistent lifestyle, there may be barriers such as lack of resources or difficulty in navigating the complex healthcare system. Certain psychological conditions can make it difficult for people to deal with stress situations. Therefore, it is crucial that you address any potential negative effects. By understanding how various factors affect an individual’s capacity engage in self care can start developing plan help them achieve goals

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