Using Gordon’s Functional Health Patterns framework (p. 130 in your e-text), assess the health risks in your community.

  Gordon’s functional health patterns framework


The well-being and wellbeing of people living in an area is called community health. It includes all aspects, such as physical, emotional, and social. The assignment will examine the potential health hazards in Miami’s community and identify the strengths, weaknesses, and concerns. We will also discuss the barriers that could prevent community health plans from being implemented in Miami.

Evaluation of the community:

The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) provides resources that can be used to complete a Miami community assessment. You can access various statistics, reports and data online from the Florida Department of Health (FDOH). Florida CHARTS (Community Health Assessment Resource Resource Tool Set), is an internet resource offering valuable information on the Miami health situation. It includes data on demographics as well health indicators and behaviors.

Assessing Community Strengths and Concerns

This table 8-3, Examples of Community Strengths & Concerns is a tool that allows you to assess the community’s strengths and weaknesses. A diverse community, access to quality healthcare, and healthy food choices are some of its strengths. The community faces concerns such as high levels of diabetes, heart disease and poverty and lack of affordable healthcare.

Possible solutions and barriers to implementing community health plans

Access to health care services is one of the obstacles to community-based Miami health plans. A large number of people in Miami don’t have any health insurance. This limits their ability to access healthcare. This can be addressed by community groups working with local healthcare providers in order to provide free or low-cost healthcare to the people who need it.

A second barrier is high levels of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Implementing community-based programs to promote healthy living habits, like exercise and healthy eating can address this issue. To offer resources and education on health, local organizations could partner with community centers and schools.

The last concern is poverty. The effects of poverty can lead to poor health outcomes, as well as limiting access to quality healthcare and nutritious food choices. Community organizations are able to help address this problem by providing resources like food banks, affordable housing and job training programs.


The community assessment in Miami, Florida found strengths like a large population, access to health services and diversity, but also concerns like high levels of poverty and chronic disease. Lack of healthcare access, poverty, and high levels of chronic disease were all identified as barriers to the implementation of community-based health plans. Through community-based partnerships and programs, these obstacles can be overcome to improve health outcomes in Miami.

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