Using ethical theory, explain why you feel the use of palm oil is ethical or not. Also using ethical theory, explain the reasoning for the opposing position and why it is incorrect. 

Hu 245 unit 9 assignment ETHICS| ETHICS

Palm oil’s ethical use is highly debated. The ethical theories used can make it seem ethical or unethical to use palm oil.

Utilitarianism refers to an ethical system that focuses on maximising utility and pleasure for as many people as possible. This framework could lead to the argument that palm oil can be ethical as it offers useful products at a lower price than many other options. It has also been linked to creating employment and supporting local economies in countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Because palm oil is low-cost and produces economic benefits, it could also be beneficial for society.

Some others, however, argue that palm oil use is unsustainable due to the negative effects it has on the environment. The deforestation caused by palm oil production in certain areas has resulted in the loss of biodiversity and contributed to climate change due to carbon dioxide emission. Human rights violations have also been documented in cases involving palm oil harvesting and the labor practices. Palm oil, therefore, would be uneconomic in society because of its potential environmental damage. This makes it unethical as per utilitarianism principles.

Therefore, depending on which side one takes on this issue – whether supporting or opposing – one’s argument may vary depending on their view regarding what constitutes utility or moral value within society: economic prosperity or environmental sustainability (or both).

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