Using a problem-solving and decision making skills model discussed in class outline how you would approach solving this difficult decision. Describe how you arrived at your decision.

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If faced with difficult decisions, it’s important to use a structured and methodical approach in order to make sure that every relevant information is considered before you take any final actions. This case I will use the 5-step problem solving/decision making model. It consists of 1) defining the problem, (2) collecting data/information, (3) analysing the situation and (4) creating solutions. Lastly, (5) implementing the plan.

I’d first define the issue by defining what kind of problem it is and what my goals in relation to that. To better understand what options I have, I will gather pertinent data like historical records and current trends.

Afterwards, I will analyze each potential solution in order to determine which one best fits my needs – weighing pros/cons for each alternative while also taking into account possible risks associated if a particular course of action was taken. Once I am done, it is time to brainstorm ideas on how to best solve this problem. Next, I will choose the best overall strategy given the parameters.

Once the option is chosen, implementation begins. This phase outlines what steps are necessary to execute your plan. After careful thought, we can come to a logical conclusion about how we will handle any challenge that may arise. This is the path to success.

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