Use the skills and concepts you covered in this course to analyze the three companies and make some decisions about which is in the strongest financial health.

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Company 1: The company is in strong financial health and seems to be well-positioned. Company 1: This company has strong financials and is in a good position. Low debt to equity ratios indicate that the company has access to funding in case of emergency.

Company 2: The company shows signs of financial trouble due to falling earnings and a decreasing current ratio (1.27) that has been highlighting its declining cash flow. This company also has high amounts of debt relative to equity, which suggests that they are not able to adapt quickly should the economic environment worsen.

Company 3: While this company seems to be doing better than Company 2, it is less than Company 1. Company 3: It has been steadily growing in earnings over the years and currently has a healthy current ratio (2.01). The company’s debt is much higher than other companies. This could indicate that it faces greater risk should things go wrong.

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