Update us on your portfolio results to date. have you made changes?

We need to know the status of your portfolio. Are there any changes you wish to make? For any modifications you want to make, assume that the buy or sell orders were in effect as of day 2, as published by the Wall Street Journal. Keep track of details for any simulation trades using your portfolio spreadsheet.

Since the start of my investment portfolio, I’ve seen positive results overall. Strong stock selections in healthcare and tech companies have been the main drivers of my performance. The S&P 500 has increased 9% since I started investing, whereas my own portfolio is up 12%. These include stocks with more than twice the value and investments that lost money. Overall I’m pleased with the results so far.

Over the last few months, I made some changes to my portfolio by adding several stocks and ETFs. The new additions allowed me to diversify my portfolio without losing returns. Also, I cut positions in certain stocks that had less upside potential. These funds were moved to investments with greater future promise. Overall, I believe these changes have helped improve my risk-reward profile while still giving me exposure to high-quality companies that can generate substantial long-term returns.

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